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Weldas® has earned a worldwide reputation for the highest quality and most innovative products, welding gloves and welding clothing. Weldas® products are warranted against manufacturing defects. Because of applications vary, it is the user’s responsibility to select the right product for each application.



Our gloves categories include economic product lines for welders such as : protective gloves for welding, TIG gloves  for flame resistance, comfortable mechanic gloves, leather work gloves resistant for cut, also our special line of cotton.

Find your solution for protection and cover gloves as the following:


Our heat and flame resistant leather clothing are perfect for welding protection and so more. The detailed focus on producing this fabrics has created the matching design on your need. These clothes has high comfort and are made of light materials. Find more exploring our solutions for you and increase the  protection of your welders.

Head Protection

In our head line protection you will have a various number of caps, helmets etc. Complete your welding outfit for any kind of weather head protection. These products are created for maximum protection and comfort. Navigate for further instructions on your matching product.


To  help  our  costumers we  have  thought  in details to create  solutions even for the smallest details. Our accessories and lava shields  have been created to complete the range of our products for protection. You can increase the safety and comfort by trusting us and the products we provide in this field.

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