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We offer high quality welds in all areas , according to European and Global standards.

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Our qualified engineering staff implements various welding applications by making the job more efficient.

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We provide technical assistance and repairs for any type of welding apparatus; welding torches; cutting apparatus; generator etc.

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For all our customers we offer professional training in their premises for their welder.

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Your challenge is to JOIN materials made of metal. You know how to weld constructions for bridges, machines and power plants. In your job you do not need “a” solution, YOU DESERVE the best. Our offering includes a unique portfolio of welding application services, high end welding consumables, accessories and welding machines – we are your Full Welding Solution Provider. With our equipment lines Terra & Uranos we set new standards in all standard and special welding processes.

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Recent projects

Shoe factories and Paper Industry

  Shoe factories and paper industry,  for  high  precision  material  “Lama  per Fustela”. We  use  Lace  Blades  for cutting  various materials. These materials can be:  leather for shoe and gloves, multilayer textiles, thick fabric belts for modern sports shoes, etc. …

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Marine Industry

  Marine industry, construction and maintenance of yachts,  speedboat,  boats etc. In  marine industry we  offer welding of ship structure parts, metal and steel parts  for  ship  shafts and a variety of products for their reconstruction such as:  paints, chemical  …

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Food Industry

    Food  industry,  maintenance  and  repair  of  milk  factories, beer factories, drinking  water  plants,  products  that  guarantee   the  100%  food  chain. We  aim  to  build  factories  as  technological  as  possible  with European  standards and high quality products.  In collaboration …

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Mining Industry, The Ferro Chrome Plant, Mining Quarry etc.

Together  with  our  partners  we  provide  the  best  products in building or reconstruction of ferro – chrome plants .   We have participated in reconstruction of Ferro- Chrome in Bulqize,Elbasan and Burrel,  providing the best products in industry by assuring  …

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Fushe Kruje Cement Factory

    The  best  evidence  for  repair  and  maintenance  products, performance for maximum steels mode, Crusher maintenance  “Repair worn out rotor discs as per drawing”, kiln, hammer, grinding mill etc. The project included the construction of a clinker factory with …

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The reconstructions of Fierzë Hydroelectric, Koman, Vau i Dejës etc.

  Reconstruction of the Koman hydropower plant included 4 turbines in 2018 after  corrosion  from  water  spill  and  rainfall.  After the completion of the rehabilitation  process  in  the  Drin cascade,  also  the reconstruction of the Fierza and Vau i Dejes …

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Banjë & Moglicë

Banjë,  Moglicë  and  80%  of  hydropower  plants  in Albania have used our trusted products. Construction   of   Banja   HPP   started   in  2013,   and  it  was  successfully completed  and  put  into  operation  on September  2016.  It  was  a project completed within time …

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ASHTA 1 & 2

One of the biggest renewable  energy  projects in the Albania where for the first  time  the  new   technology  of  matrix turbines  was  used.  HPP  Ashta supplies   electricity   to  more  than  100, 000   Albanian   households.  The construction  for  the  upper  power  …

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Trans Adriatic Pipeline

The  seriousness  of  our  mission, the excellence in our product and delivery, made us one of the main suppliers of this project. This  project  also  known as Trans Adriatic  Pipeline  is  on  the construction phase. The  actual  phase is building …

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