Quadro-Stripper No.16

Quadro-Stripper No.16

multifunctional stripper I working range stripping 0,5 – 6,0 mm² / skinning 8 – 13 mm Ø


Multifunctional with optimised cable routing I Round cutting – longitudinal cutting – stripping – cutting I Flush stripping even in locations difficult to reach I Working range 0.5 – 6 mm² / 8 – 13 mm Ø I exchangeable hook blade, firmly locked in any position

Stripping of all common round cables from 8 – 13 mm ø, hook blade and stripping range are integrated. Fast and easy longitudinal cutting due to optimised cable routing in the housing. Integrated stripping range for all stranded and solid conductors with cross-sections of 0.5 mm², 0.75 mm², 1.5 mm², 2.5 mm², 4.0 mm² and 6.0 mm². Retractable hook blade, firmly lockable in any position and easy to change.

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