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Trans Adriatic Pipeline

The  seriousness  of  our  mission, the excellence in our product and delivery, made us one of the main suppliers of this project.

This  project  also  known as Trans Adriatic  Pipeline  is  on  the construction phase. The  actual  phase is building the pipeline, which after is finished will be buried at least one meter beneath the ground.In Albania the construction includes  13.000 pipes  with average weight ranges from 9.3 tonnes to 16.3 tonnes  depending  on  wall thickness.  Pipes  are  made of steel and  on the recent years more than 90% of the work has been completed.

The  pipeline  in  Albania  is approximately 215 km long,  starting  at  Bilisht Qendër  in  the Korça region,  on  the  border  with Greece.  TAP’s  landfall  in Albania is  located  17  km  north-west of Fier, up to 400 meters  inland from the shoreline.