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TIG SOFTouch™ welding gloves



EN 12477 (2001+A1:2005) TYPE B
TÜV BP 60123577 0001
TÜV 21276706 001

M (8 1/2) – 32 cm

L (9) – 32 cm

XL (9 1/2) – 32 cm

XXL (10 1/2) – 32 cm


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Product description

SOFTouch welding glove, high comfort and all welding applications glove, grain cow and goat leather, cuff made of split cow leather. Seamless index finger for better feed of TIG wires

TIG gloves (10-1003, 10-1005, 10-1009, 10-1050) have a “seamless” index finger construction.
This provides unobstructed control over small diameter welding rods and ultra light TIG torches.
This design also minimizes the seam burn out and abrasion.

– Outer hand made of soft black grain cow leather
– White grain goat leather spacers on the sides of the fingers
– Curved cuff made of supple split cow leather trimmed at the edge with white grain goat leather
– Thin fleecy, flame retardant lining at the back of the hand
– Seamless index finger


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