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MR® 311-R Penetrant red


Sensitivity: 2
Approval: ASME Code V, Art. 6 EN ISO 3452-2 PMUC (EDF)
Temperature Range: +10°C to +50°C
Carrier Media: Glycol
Delivery form: Aerosol (500 ml) Bulk (5 L, 30 L, 200 L)
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Product description

General appearance and composition:

  • Water and solvent removable penetrant red, type II acc. to EN ISO 3452-1:2013
  • Dark red colour
  • Free of Azo-dye
  • Very goof biodegradability acc. to EN ISO 9888
  • Suitable for all metals (suitability for plastics and ceramics needs testing prior to use)
  • Processing temperature +10 to +50 °C
  • Good removing from skin
  • Very good washability
  • Aerosol overhead sprayable

With the Penetrant Testing procedure (also known as DP test or dye penetrant inspection) you can quickly determine surface discontinuities on all iron metals and non-iron metals, some plastics and ceramic materials, glass, etc., provided that the discontinuities are open to the surfaces.

The liquid penetrant test method is used in the examination of welding seams, cast pieces, in shipbuilding, automobile and aircraft construction, apparatus and tank construction, etc.

Liquid penetrant inspection can be carried out with at daylight visible (red dye penetrant) and/or under UV-light fluorescent penetrants.

The PT method is charactestic for the fact that, contrary to the magnetic particle inspection (MT), defects or discontinuities can be proven also on not magnetizable materials.


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