• Westec Albania, Street Dritan Hoxha, Tiranë, Shqipëri

The reconstructions of Fierzë Hydroelectric, Koman, Vau i Dejës etc.


Reconstruction of the Koman hydropower plant included 4 turbines in 2018 after  corrosion  from  water  spill  and  rainfall.  After the completion of the rehabilitation  process  in  the  Drin cascade,  also  the reconstruction of the Fierza and Vau i Dejes hydropower plants has been completed.

Koman  Hydro  Power  Plant  with  an  installed  capacity  of  600 MW is the largest  in  the  complex  including the three Drin River hydro cascades that generate about 65% of Albania’s domestic electricity production.

The  reconstruction  of  the  turbines provided  the security of uninterrupted power generation for the needs of the country.