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The company MR® Chemie GmbH operates all over the world and is a  manufacturer  of  specialised  innovative products and devices for surface  crack  testing .   Microcracks  can  be  detected  quickly  and precisely  using  various methods, including Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Testing.

In  line  with  its  corporate philosophy of “Providing maximum test-reliability  and  environmental  compatibility  for  our  clients”, MR®  Chemie  is  a  company with a strong  customer- orientation  which develops,  produces,   bottles   and   delivers  everything   itself . Its products  and  services   are  used  by  foundries  and  engineering, including  high – end  testing  in  the  aviation  and  nuclear  power industries.

In teamwork with you we search for solutions for your individual test problems and offer suitable crack detection systems.

In  recent  years,  MR®  Chemie has grown substantially,  increasing its share of the international market many times over .  Our distributors´ network covers most of Europe; our products can be obtained worldwide via competent and efficient partners.Keep your measuring devices up-to-date! We organize the calibration of your reference  test blocks and measuring equipment, regardless of the manufacturer.