Rezultati i imazhit për facts about welding

  1. Over 50  percent  of  all  man-made  products  were created by welding.  Everything from automotive to the homes we live in were touched by welding.
  2. Welding is one career that is always in high demand.
  3. The  concept  of  welding  has  been  around  for  centuries. Its evidence is present in the tombs built by the Egyptians.
  4. Welders  do  not need  college  degrees  to  practice  their  trade.  They do, however, need to be certified and licensed, but that is a shorter process and less expensive than a four-year program.
  5. A  welder  that  is  highly  skilled  and  trained  can earn a salary  similar  to what doctors and lawyers make.
  6. Traveling is a fun part of the welder’s job. They can even find themselves working on a space station or deep in the ocean!
  7. If  two  pieces  of  metal without any coating touch in space, they are joined permanently. This is called “cold welding,” and it only happens in space.
  8. The most jobs for welders can be found in manufacturing.
  9. The median age for welders is mid-fifties. Which means, in the next ten years, they will be retiring, and more welders will be needed to fill that void.