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In-Depth Know-How

Through deep  insight  into  processing methods and ways of application, Fontargen Brazing provides the best brazing and soldering solutions based on proven products with German technology. The expertise of this brand’s  application  engineers  has been formulated  over  many  years of experience from countless application cases. The  name  Fontargen is renown throughout the World as an established manufacturer of high  quality  brazing  consumables,  for  over  50  years  now  a  specialist in all brazing processes, the company  offers  a  wealth  of  experience,  competence,  “German  technology”   and  innovative  brazing products.


Fontargen Brazing is the international Partner for these main industries:

  • Automotive – copper  wires  for  MIG-  and  laser  brazing  on  the  car  body and copper and nickel pastes as well as copper preforms for  brazing  on  the  powertrain for applications such as torque converters for modern gear boxes, new EGR-cooler systems and high-pressure fuel-direct systems.
  • HVAC&R –  bare  and  coated  silver  rods  and  wires ,  fluxes,  copper -phosphorus  rods  and  wires  and  preforms  for the brazing of components in the sectors Heating, Ventilation, Air-Condition and Refrigeration.
  • Tooling – brazing  pastes  with  dosing  properties, highly  active  fluxes  and silver-base foils for the brazing of carbides and industry diamonds of cutting tools.

Product lines

As  a leading provider of brazing filler metals for technologically advanced   industries ,  Fontargen  Brazing  provides  customized solutions  for  demanding  markets.  Both  for  sophisticated and challenging applications as well as for standard tasks, Fontargen Brazing products convince with its proven quality.

Our product portfolio is 100 % specialized in brazing filler metals:

  • Bare and coated silver rods and and wires
  • Fluxes
  • Copper phosphorus rods and wires
  • Copper and aluminum wires
  • Copper, tin, silver and nickel brazing paste
  • Preforms
  • Foils

Get the perfect protection


general industrial use


for low light conditions

Blue Mirror / Silver Mirror

for outdoor industrial use offering sunglare protection