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Bohlerstrip    is    a   registered   trademark  of   voestalpine Precision Strip Group from Austria. They  transform premium – quality  strip   steel   into   tools   for   cutting   and   stamping processes that are developed for every   application   with   the  utmost    of precision.

For   all   our   products   we   can  guarantee  especially  important  quality  characteristics  such  as  precision  tolerances,  surface  evenness and  straightness,  as  well  as excellent mechanical properties. We see ourselves as problem solvers as our suggestions are aimed towards as much  customer  benefits  as  possible.  And  we are continuously looking to strengthen our customers′ position in their chosen niche markets through the technical development of new products and processes geared to their requirements.We have a world-wide sales network in more than 60 countries and major stockholding companies in Austria, Sweden, United States, Spain, and Mexico.

Special Non-Ferrous-Metal Strip for Electronical Applications

E-Mobility is all the  talk  nowadays. In the coming years motor cars should turn away from using   the  combustion  engine  in  favor  of  E-engines.One thing is certain, electrification cannot be  halted–on  the  one  hand  sensor technology in motor cars is multiplying, with stronger  48  Volt  on-board  power supply networks amongst other things. On the other hand strong  currents  must  be  carried in  the framework of the completely new drive concept.    Read more…