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Westec shpk was established in 2009, based in Tirana. The company is characterized by a dynamic team,  always  ready  to  meet  customer  requirements.  The  name Westec “European Technology Transfer”  is  based  on  the quality and excellence of welding products, cooperating with the most prestigious European firms in this field.

Westec has  continually assisted engineering customers with welding engineers from Austria and  Germany  by  introducing technological innovations  in  this activity.  Collaboration with Voestalpine  Böhler  Welding  &  Voestalpine  Precision  Strip  GmbH  have  brought  quality  products.   Voestalpine   Böhler   Welding   has   been  operating  through  more   than  1,000 distribution  partners  worldwide  with  the  support  of  2,300  employees  in  more  than 25 countries.  Westec  associates a strong and well-established partner in position as one of the largest producers in the world.

Focused  on  filler  metals, Westec  offers  extensive  technical  consultation  and  individual solutions for industrial welding  and soldering applications.  Westec offers  three specialized and dedicated brands to cater our customers’ and partners’ requirements.

Westec  Shpk  has  been operating in the Albanian market for several years, as one of the few contemporary firms  in  the  fields  of welding,  projects  and  further  consulting  by  the best engineers. Cooperation with the Austrian and German companies has provided Westec with a secure product base to provide the customer with a quality service.

Westec  has collaborated with operating companies in Albania and Kosovo in all fields of technology, thus creating a broad market throughout. Westec shpk is best characterized by qualified staff  and  trained  with  the  latest  technological methods  in  the welding  world,  making  it  one  of the most serious companies in the international market. The new welding and cutting technology is the company’s best source. Westec is always looking for new solutions to be the right partner in the welding field.



Be…one step ahead!

We are wherever our excellent products and technical expertise is needed!
We have been the lead companion for 99% of Hydropower Plants, Power Plants, Tap project (Trans Adriatic Pipeline),Oil and Gas , Cement Factories and many fruitful partnerships that are numbered in around 300 projects.

Our beginings

10 years from now, as Westec shpk we offer high-quality welding product with a quick turnaround for your business. We have a strong knowledge of technical consultation and individual solutions for industrial welding and soldering applications